The suggested activities all have the same goal. Those who are interested, discover and learn this wonderful discipline, “work well and play well” in order to discover this art in a physical and philosophical way. One must learn to feel concerned for those involved in the practice so the training will not be baneful for their body and their health.


We organize weekly trainings during the school period at the primary School of Cologny (Ecole du Manoir) on Fridays from 7.00pm-9.30pm and on the first Monday of each month at the Secondary School of Chêne-Bourg (C.O. de la Seymaz) from 8pm-10pm.

The training

Training is varied. Walking, running, cat walking, jumping, balance, movement technology, climbing, it’s all there. Endurance is essential. We practice, breathing, fluidity and the impulse which permits to move on so as to pass several obstacles and achieve an important result over a long period of time or distance. Training is based on three points :

  • The most important, especially in the beginning, is the physical condition. Muscle work and reinforcement are essential to able to feel and control the body, but mainly to avoid injuries. Exercises are performed either in a static position or in movement.
  • Technique : This assembles the means which will serve to get over an obstacle and to cushion a fall. Repetition of the movements brings assurance and precision.
  • Mental : Concrete obstacles are not the only challenge, in surpassing oneself to confront fears you can understand yourself better. Very abstract, mental is nonetheless an essential element in order to maintain balance between the two previous axes.


Sessions are outings under the form of training in different parts of Geneva or all exterior environments. Time, schedule and frequency are variable according to availability of the members of the Team, but we go out regularly. These sessions are for all levels, so motivated ones are informed ;)

Training courses

There are 2 sorts of courses proposed by Try N’ Trace :

  • Those directed by those in charge of the association. The goal is to initiate the neophytes to the discipline and to maintain a follow-up of the practice for each member of TNT. They link together the apprenticeship of the discipline, basic work and the discovery of areas of Geneva or other towns. For the moment, they amount to 3 times a year.
  • Those directed in partnership with Parkour Generations or other associations praticing the art of movement. This gives the possibility for worldwide confirmed practitioners to meet. In order to bring a new vision of the practice, to go over the bases and to increase the physical and mental level of the participants. These courses equally welcome foreign practitioners and gives the possibility of meeting others and making enriching encounters.

Professional courses

Are directed by those in charge of the association and are proposed to private or public firms. These are organized in the form of initiation which enables us to bring an interactive activity to the group and stimulate group dynamics.